Bruel & Kjaer 1022 Beat Frequency Oscillator

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Pre-Owned and in Good Condition
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Beatiful instrument in very good operational and cosmetic condition.

Included with the delivery:

  • The main unit (x1)
  • Original manual in German language (x1)
  • Dedicated power cable (x1)
  • Shielded cable AO 0064 with dedicated connector to BNC

Type 1013 Beat Frequency Oscillator is a signal generator that covers the frequency range from 200 Hz to 200 kHz . The instrument includes a regulator stage for external compression regulation, an accurate built-in voltmeter, an internal generator for variable frequency modulation of the output signal and a 90 dB output attenuator variable in 10 dB steps . The output impedance is variable '0 give maximum power output (2 .5 W) in a load of 6, 60. 600 or 6,0000 . It features a true logarithmic frequency scale, and a frequency interpolating scale. A clutch for connection to an external motor drive for automatic tuning allows automatic recording on frequency calibrated paper when used together with Level Recorders Type 2305 and 2307. Distortion is less than 03% at 10kHz unloaded . Type 1022 Beat Frequency Oscillator is similar to BFO Type 1013 with the exception of the following: Frequency range 20 Hz to 20 kHz . Output attenuator: 100 dB . The distortion is less than 0 1% at 1 kHz unloaded .