Hewlett Packard 4328A Milliohmmeter with HP16005A clip type probes

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HP 4328A
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Pre-Owned and Fully Tested
3.00 kg
28x13x17 LxWxH (cm)
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The HP 4328A Milliohmmeter is a highly sensitive instrument designed for the measurement of low resistance. The 1 mohm to 100-ohms measuring range and 20 ohms resolution make the Keysight Agilent HP 4328A ideal for measuring resistance of switches, relays, and connectors and the resistivity of conductors and semiconductors. Accuracy is 2% full scale with no additional error caused by series reactance of samples up to two times full scale! Measuring frequency of 1kHz. Features a large, easy-to-read meter.

Original HP16005A clip type probes included.