Rohde and Schwarz 2072.5501.02 TV Test Transmitter SFQ for DVB-T and ATSC/8VSB

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SFQ - 2072.5501.02
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Pre-Owned and in Good Condition
18.30 kg
43x46x19 LxWxH (cm)

This used TV Test Transmitter SFQ is a complete solution for testing digital TV links and receivers. The standards for DVB-T, DVB-S/DVB-DSNG, DVB-C, J.83-B, ATSC/8VSB and ISDB-T are fully complied with. Moreover, the SFQ also processes analog frequency-modulated satellite signals in line with PAL, SECAM, NTSC standards. The sound signals are transmitted using analog FM and digital ADR sound subcarriers. The test signals produced are of high precision and comply with the standards, but they can also be varied and provided with predefined errors to determine the performance of your products at their limits. The reproducible simulation of real transmission conditions by means of the noise generator and the fading simulator enables the specification of modules under test.

Wide output frequency range from 0.3 MHz to 3300 MHz.

The instrument is equipped with following options:

  • B6 - 2072.7679.# - Input Interface
  • B10 - 2072.6166.02 - DVB-T Decoder
  • B12 - 2072.6220.02 - ATSC/8VSB Coder

Firm Ware revision 01.50 - BIOS 02.10