Rohde and Schwarz 2007.1005.02 CCVS Component Generator + SAF

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16.00 kg
46x43x13 LxWxH (cm)

This used Rohde & Schwarz CCVS + SAAF is a multistandard test signal generator for all TV applications.

The instrument features:

  • Several hundred test signals to suit every application
  • Easy definition of additional signals via front panel
  • Storage in built-in RAM or memory card
  • Setting of amplitude, H/V and color subcarrier frequency as well as of other signal parameters
  • Genlock operation: selection of phase between input signal and generator signal
  • Insertion of internally generated test, data and teletext lines as well as of signals from a maximum of two external sources
  • System compatibility owing to IEC 625/IEEE 488 bus

The instrument is in good condition, and includes option CCIR 601 (2007.1063.02)
Processor version 3.21 - Transputer version 3.21