ISEG Model ECH124 - DPR 30 405 24 5 EPU 3kV, 4mA High Precize Power Supply

Part number: 
DPR 30 405 24 5
Serial Number:
Pre-Owned and Fully Tested
5.00 kg
36x24x15 LxWxH (cm)
Unit Price:
€ 1.850,00 (ex. VAT)

This is a used high voltage power supply system in very good condition, fully tested and has 30 days warranty.

It is a rack based system equipped with 2 high voltage modules DPR 30 405 24 5 EPU: 3kV / 4mA

The instrument has CAN, USB and Ethernet interfaces and is delivered with one HV-cable terminated with HV-connectors.