Agilent / HP 6813A Single Phase AC Power Source/Analyzer

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Pre-Owned and Fully Tested
29.70 kg
58x43x13 LxWxH (cm)
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This is a refurbished HP 6813A in very good condition - see test report.

Version A.00.09


  • Single Phase
  • 45Hz to 1kHz Output Frequency Range
  • 1750VA Output Power
  • 300V max RMS Voltage Output
  • ±425V DC Voltage Range
  • 13A max RMS Current Output
  • 10A max DC Current Output
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generation
  • Built-In Harmonic Analysis Capability
  • Built-In HP-IB and RS-232 Interface with SCPI Programming
  • Measurement of Vrms, Irms, Ipeak,frequency, phase, VA, Watts, PF and THD

This unit is in very good condition with a very clear and bright display. It shows a few small dents in the plastic foil of the front panel.
It has been used in a rack based system, and is currently configured with rack mounting brackets and without feet. These can be installed on request.