National Instruments SCXI-1129 High-Density Multiconfiguration Matrix

Part number: 
186970C-01 rev 1.3
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Pre-Owned and in Good Condition
0.70 kg
17x20x3 LxWxH (cm)


This National Instruments 256 cross point SCXI-1129 High-Density Matrix is used and in excellent condition.

It is a high-density matrix built to serve high-channel-count switching applications. The module is a 2-wire matrix, configurable with front mounting terminal blocks to achieve many different matrix configurations, including 4x64, 8x32, 16x16, dual 4x32, dual 8x16, quad 4x16. For greater densities, matrix expansion is easily achievable with additional modules. Analog signals are passed between modules via a high-voltage backplane, a matrix expansion cable, and through analog plugs connecting terminal blocks, which virtually eliminate hours of complicated wiring. The NI SCXI-1129 is designed to work well with both low and high-voltage levels. For low-voltage measurements, the SCXI-1129 uses relays with low thermal offset to ensure accurate measurements. These same relays can handle up to 150 Vrms and 150 VDC.