Kistler 9203 Quartz Force Sensor

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0.06 kg
12x6x3 LxWxH (cm)

This slender sensor is designed for dynamic and quasistatic tensile and compression forces up to 500 N. The high sensitivity of the integral measuring element and special design of the force application configuration achieve a sensor threshold of less than one millinewton.

• Extremely low threshold <1 mN
• High sensitivity of 45 pC/N
• Wide measuring range with single sensor
• Overload factor of up to 100 possible
• Slender design for close sensor spacing
• Arrays of sensors can be set up for parallel measurement

The sensor is based on the piezoelectric measuring principle. The force acting on the built-in quartz element generates at the output of the sensor a proportional charge, which is converted by a series-connected measuring amplifier (such as the ICAM Type 5073A...) into a process signal suitable for evaluation (for example 0 ... 10 V). The slender pencil-like shape of the body of the sensor and application of force by means of the threaded axial hole are valued features.