International Light IL 1400A Radiometer/Photometer

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IL 1400A
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Pre-Owned and in Good Condition
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1.50 kg
32x22x10 LxWxH (cm)

Used instrument in good condition.

Includes one (1) IL 1400A meter, one (1) SEL005 detector and one (1) protective travel case.

SEL005 - UV-VISIBLE GaAsP DETECTOR The SEL005 base detectors contain a 5.2 mm² GalliumArsenide-Phosphide detector with quartz window. The SEL005 is most commonly used in applications requiring IR blocking and is required for use with most of the WBS wide band filters due to their secondary response in the NIR. SEL005/UVA/TD Solar UVA Head: Dynamic Range: 2.33e-7 to 8.14e-1 W/cm². Measurement Range: 315-390 nm. SEL005/WBS320/TD UV Curing Head: Dynamic Range: 1.82e-7 to 6.36e-1 W/cm². Measurement Range: 250-400 nm. SEL005/NS335/TD Narrow Band UV Curing Head: Dynamic Range: 2.33e-6 to 8.14e+0 W/cm². Measurement Range: 330-340 nm. SEL005/TLS312/TD UVB narrow band phototherapy: Dynamic Range: 2.50e-6 to 8.75e-2 W/cm². Measurement Range: 312 nm CW.