HP E4209A Cell Protocol Processor

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CA34070652 REV 1.1
Pre-Owned and in Good Condition
1.70 kg
35x3x13 LxWxH (cm)

The E4209A Cell Protocol Processor (CPP) provides real-time and post-processing protocol testing features for the Broadband Series Test System. The basic CPP assembly and system software can perform monitoring and simulation of ATM, F4 and F5 OAM, and AAL1 protocols. Software required to provide the features described below is provided with the CPP hardware. Further upper layer testing can be performed using additional software packages. The E4209A can be configured with an E1616A, E1610A, E1618A , E1697A, or E4219A for rates from 1.5 Mb/s to 622 Mb/s. The E4209A can generate up to eight streams of user-defined ATM traffic. It also provides both real-time and post-processed measurements on ATM traffic. Measurements are automatically synchronized between devices in the test session.