HP E2454A Analysis Probe for Intel 80386EX

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Key Features & Specifications


  • All processor and floating point instructions are supported
  • All bus cycles are supported
  • Supported CPU operations: Memory, I/O Read/Write, Opcode Fetch, Interrupt Acknowledge Type 0-255, Halt/Shutdown, 80287/80387 Coprocessor operations, and Register Sizes 16 and 32
  • Disassembly is synchronized at branch addresses


The Agilent E2454A analysis probe for the Intel386EX provides an electrical and mechanical connection between your target system and an Agilent logic analyzer.

Analysis probe hardware captures processor signals and passes them to the logic analyzer at the appropriate time depending on the type of measurement you are making. With the analysis probe plugged in, both state and timing analysis is available. Analysis probe software configures the logic analyzer labeling address, data, and status signals. Additionally, when a state trace is displayed, the data is disassembled and listed in 80386 mnemonics. The disassembler also decodes FPU instructions for target systems that use the Intel387.