Hewlett Packard E1697A 155Mb/s Optical Line Interface

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HP E1697A
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Pre-Owned and in Good Condition
2.00 kg
36x3x25 LxWxH (cm)

The Agilent Technologies E1697A 155 Mb/s Optical Line Interface generates and analyses ATM cell streams contained within a SONET or SDH framing format. It is a single-slot VXI module that provides test capability at the physical and ATM cell layers for the Agilent E4200/E4210 Broadband Series Test System.

The E1697A is capable of operating in both a cell mode and in a SONET/SDH frame mode. This allows the user to not only examine ATM cells mapped into a SONET/SDH frame but also all of the SONET/SDH frame data.