FUG HCP 14-6500 DC Power Supply 6,5kV - 2mA with Analog Programming option

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HCP 14-6500
Pre-Owned and in Good Condition
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4.60 kg
40x23x13 LxWxH (cm)

Used instrument in excellent condition.

  • Options installed: Analog programming, polarity selection switch;


  • Compact size and light weight
  • Efficiency approx. 90%
  • Short-circuit & flashover proof
  • Unlimited operation with rated current in a short-circuit condition
  • Unlimited operation with rated power
  • Voltage and current regulation with automatic sharp transition, control modes indicated by LEDs
  • Adjustable overvoltage protection (limitation of set value)
  • 4½ digit DVM's for voltage and current for all models
  • Voltage and current setting by means of 10-turn potentiometers with precision scale; the adjusting knob can be locked Indication of set point values by means of button for switchover of the displays
  • Set point adjustment possible with locked output, release of output voltage by means of "ON" / "OFF" switch
  • Suitable also for inductive and capacitive loads
  • Suitable for photomultipliers