DSP SigLab Model 20-42 Dynamic Signal Analyzer

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Pre-Owned and Fully Tested
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2.30 kg
28x24x6 LxWxH (cm)

Used instruments, fully tested and 100% functional and within calibration limits.

External power supply not included.

The SigLab Hardware family consists of three lab-quality dynamic signal analyzers.

The SigLab 50-21 provides two input and one output channel with up to 128kHz sampling rate per channel allowing 50kHz analysis bandwidth.

The 20-42 and 20-22 are 20kHz bandwidth versions with four input and two input channels respectively.

• Input distortion and spurious responses - 95dB
• 120dB transfer function measurement dynamic range
• 90dB alias protection
• Differential inputs with selectable gain, coupling and offset
• Real-time zoom processing
• Output distortion and spurious components - 90dB
• Up to 15 Msamples transient capture (32MB)
• Rugged and lightweight for field operation
• Customizable signal conditioning circuits
• Expandable channels via multiple SigLabs on one PC