Hewlett Packard 8444A Option 059 Tracking Generator 0,5MHz to 1,5GHz

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HP 8444A-OPT 059
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Used instrument in good operational condition, with visible scuffs and scratches on the front panel.

The unit comes with 30 days warranty.

The HP 8444A tracking generator is designed to complement both models 8554B and 8555A spectrum analyzer RF sections.

The tracking generator covers the frequency range of 500 kHz to 1250 MHz when used with the 8554B RF section, and from 10 MHz to 1.3 GHz when used with the 8555A RF section. The tracking generator / spectrum analyzer functions as a system to perform frequency response measurements. Additionally, the system can be used as a signal generator or sweeper to supply a test signal to other devices. An auxiliary output is provided for precision frequency measurements by an external frequency counter.

The tracking generator converts the first and third local oscillator signals from the spectrum analyzer RF section to a signal that tracks the frequency tuning of the RF section. With the spectrum analyzer operating in Zero Scan Width, the tracking generator functions as a sweep oscillator that tracks the analyzer tuning. Additionally, a Manual Scan control on the tracking generator provides manual tuning of the spectrum analyzer / tracking generator system. The amplitude of the tracking generator output is adjustable over a 0 to -10 dBm range by a front panel vernier control. The output level is calibrated at 30 MHz to 0 ±0.5 dBm and maintained by an automatic level control circuit.

  • Frequency range (8444A only): 500 kHz to 1500 MHz

The specifications below are for the 8444A with one of the RF sections.

  • Swept frequency response measurements (the tracking generator is used as a signal source to measure the frequency response of a device)
    • Dynamic range: >90 dB from spectrum analyzer 1 dB gain compression point to average noise level (~-10 dBm to -100 dBm)
    • Gain compression: <1 dB for -10 dBm signal level at the input mixer
    • Average noise level: >-102 dBm with 10 kHz IF bandwidth
    • Frequency range: 500 kHz to 1250 MHz with 8554B, and 10 MHz to 1300 MHz with 8555A
    • Frequency resolution: 1 kHz
  • Sweep/CW generator (the tracking generator / spectrum analyzer system is used to supply test signals for other devices as a sweeper)
    • Frequency range (controlled by spectrum analyzer): 500 kHz to 1250 MHz with the 8554B, and 10 MHz to 1300 MHz with 8555A
    • Harmonic distortion: Typically 25 dB below output level
    • Spurious: >35 dB below output level
    • Flatness: ±0.5 dB
    • Sweep width: 20 kHz to 1250 MHz with 8554B or 1300 MHz with 8555A