Avtech AVR-E3-B Ultra High Speed Pulse Generator

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The AVR-E3-B is a high performance, GPIB and RS232-equipped instrument capable of generating up to 100V into 50Ω loads. The rise time (20%-80%) is less than 500 ps, and the fall time (80%-20%) is less than 1 ns.

The AVR-E3-B is a highly flexible instrument. Aside from the internal trigger source, it can also be triggered or gated by external TTL-level signals. A front-panel pushbutton or a computer command can also be used to trigger the instrument. The AVR-E3-B features front panel keyboard and adjust knob control of the output pulse parameters along with a four line by 40-character backlit LCD display of the output amplitude, pulse width, pulse repetition frequency, and delay. The instrument includes memory to store up to four complete instrument setups. The operator may use the front panel or the computer interface to store a complete “snapshot” of all key instrument settings, and recall this setup at a later time. This instrument is intended for use in research, development, test and calibration laboratories.

Installed options:

  • IEEE-488.2 GPIB
  • RS-232 interface
  • Dual polarity (option -PN)
  • Bias tee circuit for externally-generated DC offset (option -OS)