Electro Scientific Industries Dekapot DP1311 decade resistive voltage devider

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The ESI DP1211 & esi DP1311 potentiometers are precision decade resistive voltage dividers featuring the accuracy, high resolution and constant input impedance of the Kelvin-Varley circuit. They provide known voltage and current ratios for meter calibration, linearity checking, ratio measuring, synchro testing, computer standardization, and many other DC and audio frequency applications.  The stacked dial configuration conserves space without sacrificing operating ease. Each unit occupies less than 45.2 square centimeters of panel space. Convenient in-line reading is provided by the esi Dekadial coaxial dial  The esi DP1211 offers two decades plus a 100 division potentiometer. The esi DP1311 offers three decades plus a 100 division potentiometer.  Exceptional stability and reliability are assured by the use of precision resistive elements. The ceramic switch decks are silicone-treated to improve insulation resistance, and the multiple switch contacts are of solid silver-alloy for long life and low contact resistance.