Agilent / HP 5005B Signature Multimeter

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HP 5005B
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43x22x15 LxWxH (cm)

Used instrument in good condition, equipped with timing POD and grabbers, data probe and power cord.


The Agilent 5005B signature multimeter offers an entire measurement set optimized for digital troubleshooting applications, in a single instrument. The 5005B reduces complicated bit streams into our-character words. These words, or signatures, provide a fingerprint of data activity with greater than 99.998-percent confidence of fault detection, regardless of the data stream length.

The 5005B includes capabilities for checking power supplies and circuit board integrity, universal counter features for measuring clock frequencies and time intervals between signals, and a means for verifying the analog integrity of active digital signals.

Performance - Analog circuit failures such as low power supply voltage, an open or shorted circuit path, or a faulty A/D or D/A converter can cause digital problems. The 5005B contains a 4.5-digit dc voltmeter, ohmmeter, and differential voltmeter to help pinpoint system failures.

Counter functions - Totalize and frequency measurements can be made to 50 MHz, and time interval measurements are made with 100 nanosecond resolution. Functions can characterize one-shots and timers, test interrupt lines, reset line and RS-232 asynchronous interfaces, and verify clock and clock driver circuitry.

Voltage threshold - The peak voltage measurement mode provides a simple, direct method for measuring the logic high and logic low voltages of active digital signals. The 5005B can characterize and display either the greatest (positive peak) or lowest (negative peak) voltage probed for comparison against the specifications of the logic family.

Composite Signatures - Signatures for digital signal groups and stored signatures allow for quicker, more accurate reference comparisons.

Multifunction - Automated access to signature analyzer, multimeter, and counter functions is provided through a single, multifunction probe. Signal multiplexing to the appropriate function is internal to the 5005B.

  • Performance tuned for analog measurements required in digital troubleshooting
  • Counter functions provide frequency and time interval measurements
  • Voltage threshold capability checks for logic level degradation
  • Composite signatures and signature memory save time
  • Multifunction probe with pushbutton measurement triggering
  • HP-IB programmable
  • Real-time testing up to 25 MHz rates