Obsolete and EOL components

Supplying components for use in the electronic manufacturing industry requires a high level of quality awareness and a rigorous application of formal safety measures.

This is even more so in the case of obsolete and EOL components, where the manufacturer has ceased production and the OEM still shows requirements for production or repair.

There is indeed widespread evidence of a growing number of counterfeit electronic products entering the market. Often the origin of these counterfeit products is traceable to one specific region in the world, where most of the global electronic waste is being shipped to for processing.

This electronic waste is then disassembled into its basic components, which should be further processed for reduction into various raw materials, the original building blocks.

Alas, sometimes these components are recovered, refurbished, washed and cleaned, and re-sold on the worldwide market as new components.

Ref. Wikipedia: To counterfeit  means to illegally imitate something. Counterfeit products are often produced with the intent to take advantage of the superior value of the imitated product.”

Harvesting and refurbishing old components from e-waste and selling those as new material is therefore counterfeit activity, an illegal but highly lucrative business for those involved at the selling side.

The risks for the receiver of these products are enormous in terms of decreased performance and reliability of the end product.

We have implemented measures to eliminate the effect of counterfeit components on products delivered to our customers.

These and other standard procedures support us in delivering quality products in accordance with original manufacturer specifications.


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