Kitting Service

The long awaited customer order for prototype builds has arrived.

Applying your traditional supply chain model to this NPI project could mean:

  • For the purchasing department:
    • to populate the MRP system with the 80 BOM lines and related purchasing parameters (manufacturer, vendor, MPN, price, MOQ, MPQ, VLT…)
    • to issue 5 purchase orders to franchised distributors – this will hopefully cover 50 BOM lines;
    • to send another 30 orders directly to manufacturers for non-franchised products, mechanical and plastic parts and other specials;
    • to request, collect and register delivery confirmation dates on 35 purchase orders;
    • to review and re-transmit a significant number of purchase orders because of deviating price and/or quantity confirmations from the vendors;
  • For the goods receiving and warehouse department:
    • to create and maintain 80 new stock locations;
    • to receive and inspect 80 part numbers from 35 different vendors;
    • to stock and re-collect these goods;  
  • For the finance department: to process - sometimes reconcile - and make payment for 35 invoices;

For this NPI project, the better alternative is to have all materials delivered by 1 experienced service provider as 1 complete kit covering the entire Bill Of Material.

  • 1 supplier
  • 1 purchase order
  • 1 delivery
  • 1 invoice
  • 1 payment
  • 1 stock location.

A significant saving in time and cost, key to successfull completion of your NPI project in time - and within budget.